14 March, 2021, onwards: Big Man Cricket (over-45s), Guyana
2-5 April, 2021: Zimbabwe tour to Namibia (Windhoek, Namibia)
9-11 April, 2021: USA Masters Over-50s tournament. Moosa Stadium, Houston, Texas
9-11 April, 2021: Willowfest - South Australia, Victoria, NSW tri-series (South Australia)
22-27 April, 2021: India Zonal Tournament (4 teams), Chennai
June/July, 2021: England, India, Canada, Wales, USA series (England)
8-13 August, 2021: Canada vs USA (Canada)
23-27 August, 2021: Canada vs West Indies (Canada)
September, 2021: Canadian Over-50s league, Toronto
Late 2021: Zonal tournament, Mumbai
November 2021: Australian National State Championships (South Australia)
March 2022: Over-50s World Cup (Cape Town)

As of April 8, 2021.  For full rankings and methodology, click here.